Thank you wholeheartedly for your interest in Faucetto faucets and hardware.  Faucetto's mission is to combine quality materials, edgy design, & social awareness into cool faucets & hardware.  This first series called Skull Von Bronze is USA made for Faucetto by Rocky Mountain Hardware--one of the finest & greenest bronze fabricators in the world.  

My newest skull series made from solid pewter is called Skull Von Pewter and it is also USA crafted.  These skull pieces were a long time in coming being conceived through a love for skulls (in punk music and tattoos) and a really cool looking plastic halloween skeleton------which happened to harbor a super nifty skull.  

 Faucetto is an independent work in progress.   This website, brochures, specifications, & new designs are constantly evolving and being updated.  We look forward to providing you with the ultimate edgy faucets and hardware.  

Great Thanks,